Sunday, May 24, 2015

7 Months!

How is my baby boy 7 months old today?? Everyone has told me that I need to savor every moment because it flies by and they are so right!

I'm not really sure where to begin as this past month has been a blur of teething and sleepless nights. He now has 4 teeth. He cut his top two last week and they came in one right after the other. I never thought that teeth could be cute, but they are seriously the cutest teeth I've ever seen. I think his bottom two spoiled me because he didn't have any symptoms except for a little fussiness. The top two made him super cranky, he didn't sleep (not that he ever sleeps), he didn't want to nurse or play. I'm not looking forward to the next set!

He's eating homemade baby food once a day. So far he's had avocado, banana, apple, pears, peas, green beans, spinach, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, and a mix of red pepper, apples, and spinach. His favorites are avocado and squash. He hated the spinach until I mixed it with pears. He's not super crazy about the beans and apples. I'm really excited to start mixing more of his foods. I found an awesome site,, that has amazing recipes that I can't wait to try. I don't know if it's every mom, or just me, but giving him food stresses me out! As excited as I am, it worries me that I'll give him something that will upset his belly or make it too thick and he'll get choked. We have the additional worry of his tongue tie issues, and that makes it worse. He still can't move his tongue around very well, which means he can't really mash food up the way he should. We have to take him to speech therapy appointments to correct it. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon!

He is rolling both ways now and sitting up all the time. He was a late bloomer when it came to standing assisted, but he's finally locking his knees and standing up when we hold him. He loves bouncing in his exersaucer and he's just started bouncing up and down when he's seated, which is super cute. He gives high fives (although I think it's an accident), reaches for me, and will lean around to get in your face if you stop paying attention to him. We took him to the park and put him in one of the baby swings. I thought he would hate it because he's hated all the swings we've bought for him, but he loved it! He actually fell asleep in it, which was hilarious.

He's still not sleeping. He cat naps during the day and is up almost every hour at night. It's exhausting. We have side-carred his crib to our bed and have started a bedtime routine now that dance is over and I'm home at a decent hour. We do a bath, books, a song, and then nurse and sleep. It works in the sense that he goes right to sleep, but getting him to stay that way is a whole other story. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sawyer Penn, you are such a ham right now. Your personality is bigger than you are. It's so easy to make you smile and I live to hear your laugh. You are so ticklish. Your ribs, collarbone, back, and thighs are the best spots to guarantee big belly laughs. You've started to get a little shy around people and if I'm holding you, you hide your face in my chest. It melts my heart! You love things with lights and you would chew on my phone all day if I would let you. You love to splash in the bath and mommy and daddy end up soaking wet! You like to rub your hair or your blanket when I put you to sleep. You love when we say, "He's a bad cat!" Your daddy is still the only one who can rock you to sleep, and that makes me a little jealous. You'll only go to sleep for me if I nurse you.

You still don't sleep very well. You would sleep all night if I held you, and I'll admit, sometimes I do. I know that I should put you down, but I'm a little bit selfish. As tired as I am, when I'm holding you in the middle of the night and you trust me enough to sigh and drift off to sleep in my arms...there's nothing that can compare. I know one of these days you won't need or want me to do it anymore, so I'll take it as often as I can get it.

I want to tell you to slow down and stop growing so fast, but man, it is so much fun to watch you grow! I love seeing your little mind work and watching you discover new things. I never thought that lying on my back watching the ceiling fan could be fun, but doing it next to you while you giggle and babble is the best. Speaking of babbling, you are making so many new sounds! When you're in the carseat you talk up a storm! I would love to know what you think you're saying!

In 5 months, you're going to be a whole year old. That seems crazy to me. I know that it will be here before we know it! I love love love you Little Man. I can't wait to see what this next month brings us!

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