Monday, July 27, 2015

9 Months!

Sawyer turned 9 months last Friday! We were at the beach, so this post is a few days late.

This guy is just non-stop these days. He still isn't crawling, but he really wants to! The only problem is that he gets on his belly and then gets so mad that he starts screaming. I'm hoping it's going to happen soon! The past few weeks he's been pulling himself up while holding onto my hands and while we were at the airport the other day, he held on to a seat and did it all by himself!

He knows how to wave bye bye, give high fives, cluck his tongue, and play peek a boo with his blanket. He has started to mimic me when I tickle him, which is hilarious. He get his fingers up by my neck and tries to tickle me back. In addition to dada, he can say cat and mama. He doesn't really know what mama and dada mean, but he definitely knows what cat means. He LOVES the cats. He'll point and try and pet them and say "Cat!"

We took our first vacation with him last week. We flew to Naples, Fl. He did great on the plane, but the trip was kind of stressful with a 9 month old. He doesn't sleep at home and it was even worse there. He would catnap for 30 minutes, we'd get him all sunblocked up, get to the beach, and then he would scream because he was exhausted. We ended up doing most of our beach trips in the evening so that we didn't have to worry about the sun. I was able to wear him in the evenings since they were cooler, which was pretty enjoyable. He loved swimming in the pool. He is most definitely a water baby. He splashed and splashed and had a blast. He didn't mind the ocean, either, but he hated the sand. He couldn't figure it out and did not like it on his toes!

Our flight home was a nightmare, but Sawyer was a trooper. We sat on the plane on the tarmac for 2.5 hours with no air conditioning. He broke out in a heat rash, so we stripped him down to his diaper. 2.5 hours sitting still and then 2 more on our actual flight wore me out. Sawyer wanted to stand on my lap and laugh at the people behind us the hold time. I'm super thankful that he didn't get upset and have a meltdown, though!

He is still a great eater and I hope that it stays that way! He currently loves blueberries, mangos, and corn on the cob. He still loves asparagus, too. He has also tried black beans and watermelon, in addition to all his old foods. We have a check up tomorrow and he gets to try some yogurt! I'm so anxious to see if he has a dairy allergy. Please send some thoughts our way! I'm so worried he'll have a reaction and dairy takes forever to leave your system!

I can't believe our little boy is going to be a year old in 3 months. Time is flying so fast and I feel like we can't catch our breath! I'm doing my best to enjoy every exhausting, thrilling moment!

Little man, you are such a ham these days. You are so incredibly smart and I love watching you discover things and learn how things work. You melt my heart when you grab my shirt and pull me close to you. You bury your head in my neck and snuggle in close. You love standing at the door and waiting for daddy to come home from work. You love looking at pictures and videos of yourself on my phone. There is a video on Youtube of Usher singing the alphabet with Elmo and it cracks you up. It's my go to when we are in the car because, surprise, you still hate riding in your carseat! You love to turn the pages of books, play with water bottles, and the remote control. You have a pretty big temper. If you aren't happy or you don't get your way, you let us know in a heartbeat. I think we are in for it when you're older. You also "whisper," which cracks me up. I joke that you are speaking parseltongue. One day I will introduce you to HP and you will know what that means!

I just love being your mama. You are hard work. You are exhausting, because you never sleep. You are frustrating because you only want me. But you are without a doubt the most amazing person I have ever met. You are funny. You are sweet. You are so smart. You are worth every missed shower, missed movie date, and sleepless night. I love you so so much and am so thankful you are ours!!

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