Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Long Needed Update.

I've been meaning to write an update for ages, but we have been nothing but busy lately. Sawyer will be 2 in a little less than a month and he has grown by leaps and bounds since my last update.

We have had such a fun summer! It's crazy to think that last summer he wasn't even standing on his own. Now he's all over the place! We spent a ton of time at the splash pad, swimming in our pool, the Children's Garden, and doing walks with Hike It Baby. He LOVES watching the trains at the Children's Garden, feeding the ducks at Joseph Beth, and loves playing in any kind of water; those are definitely his favorite things.

His vocabulary has exploded this summer. It's so much fun to watch him learn new words and put them together. Some of the cutest ones are "Saw do," (He can say Sawyer, but if it's in a sentence he calls himself Saw), "What do?" (What are you doing?), "I deeeeeeed," (I did). He has the cutest habit of grabbing my hand and saying, "Come me, Mama!" when he wants me to go somewhere with him. He also says "bitches and doowah," which means biscuits and jelly. It's especially hilarious when he starts yelling it out at Cracker Barrel. His absolute favorite word to say is "butthole," unfortunately. We told him not to touch the cat's and ever since then he says it all the time. It's completely my fault, because I die laughing every time which only encourages him.

He is so smart and is picking things up so quickly. He knows all his colors, he knows quite a few shapes (circle, square, diamond, rectangle, oval, heart, triangle, and star), and knows a lot of his letters (still working on ABCs and numbers). He loves coming with me to dance class and has learned plie, arabesque, passe, and tendu, which makes this dance teacher super proud! We are working on potty training and it's going pretty well. We still have a ways to go, but we'll get there!

His imagination has started taking off recently. He loves to cook food for me in his play kitchen. He'll bring me something he made and say, "It's hot, mama," and then he'll blow it off for me. He also has a baby doll that he rocks and puts to bed. He'll make a crying sound and bring the baby to me so that I can make it better. He also pretends that random things are wands and says, "Stupefy" and "Lumos." <--- Parenting win, right there folks.

He loves loves LOVES trash trucks, school buses, fire trucks, and dump trucks. Pretty much if it is big and has wheels, he loves it. He spends all morning staring out the big window behind the couch waving at the school buses and trash trucks. It just doesn't get old for him. I love seeing how excited he gets, but there have been a few meltdowns when he hears them coming and can't get to the window in time. Cue me, running like a crazy person through the house to get him there.

This summer also brought some wonderful new friends into both our lives. It is so nice to have found a group of mamas that I really connect with and love. And their sweet kiddos are just as great. Sawyer loves his friends. He'll say, "My fwens, mama!" He really loves two little boys named Jonah and Desmond. He calls them "Jowah and My Des." He also has a crush on a sweet little girl named Marylynn. Love Love Love it.

Being a SAHM can be isolating and exhausting, but these mamas have definitely changed that for me. I love our little group of friends!

It's so strange that in a few short weeks I'll be writing an update for my TWO year old. Where oh where does the time go??

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