Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Growing Baby 2- 19 Weeks!

Maybe one of these weeks I'll actually post an update on time. It's just a lot harder with a crazy 2.5 year old running around! We are 19 weeks (19 weeks, 5 days technically).

This pregnancy has definitely been harder on me than my first. Last Friday, I spent the day with what I thought was an awful sinus headache. I tried to tough it out, but it just kept getting worse. Saturday I went to the pharmacy and got some sinus meds and spent the day in bed. Sunday brought a little relief, but by Monday it was so much worse. I went in and my blood pressure was elevated (153/67). Since mine is usually on the low side, that was concerning. But baby boy was fine, so they gave me some meds for my headache and I was able to rest for a bit. I'm feeling better today. It's still there a little, but it's nowhere near what it was.

We leave for the beach this Saturday, so hopefully a week away from all the stress, etc will do us all some good! I can't wait to get away with my family and enjoy some time by the ocean! We haven't been to the beach since Sawyer was 9 months old, so I'm excited to see his reactions to it.

I'm starting to feel more little kicks these days, which is always really comforting. We think we've decided on a name for this little man, so we're pretty excited about that as well! I can't believe that this pregnancy is almost half way over!

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