Thursday, July 27, 2017

Growing Baby 2- 26 Weeks!

We were 26 weeks on July 20th.

This week was a rough one all the way around. My body is starting to really hurt. My ribs, my back, and my hips are killing me. It's getting harder to breathe and it's even worse when I'm chasing Sawyer around in the crazy summer heat. I'm waking up every night around 3:30/4 and I'm usually not able to fall back to sleep. I'm having crazy calf spasms as well, which basically feels like someone is ripping my calf off.

Because of the lack of sleep and how uncomfortable I am, plus my stress level with all the things that need to be done, my patience with Sawyer wears thin easily and then I feel awful. I have a few weeks off from teaching now and hopefully I'll be able to rest for a bit.

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