Sunday, February 18, 2018

Maddox- 1-4 months old

Oh Maddox. I can't believe you're 4 months old and I'm only just now getting to write your monthly updates. I hope you understand. It's not that I love you any less, but life with two kiddos has definitely thrown us for a loop.

You are the best little addition to our family. Life is hard, but it so much better with you in it! Let's do a little recap.

After Sawyer's ordeal with being tongue tied, we had you checked out right away. Like your brother, you had both a tongue and lip tie. You also had buckle ties in your cheeks. We met with a wonderful doctor when you were 4 days old and had your ties revised. I'm not sure if it's disposition or the fact that we had you revised so much earlier than Sawyer, but you were (and are) just such a chill baby. You're a great nurser and you packed on weight quickly.

We had a scare when you were 2 weeks old. Your brother brought home a stomach bug and everyone got it but you. I was so scared that you were going to catch it. It was an awful, awful week. But thankfully, you stayed healthy.

You had some stomach issues at first, which prompted me to give up dairy and gluten for a while. Thankfully, after a few months your symptoms went away. You loved listening to Sam Smith songs. You were content to just sit and sleep in your bouncer.

Your first month was kind of a blur, if I'm being honest. Having a toddler to care for in addition to a brand new baby is totally different than just having a baby. With Sawyer, we could try and nap when (if) he did. But we couldn't do that with you. We survived on caffeine and no sleep.
Over the next month, you started smiling and boy is it so easy to get you to smile! You were and still are such a happy, content baby. You loved looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. You started sleeping 3-4 hour stretches. You still nursed like a champ.

Around 3 months, you went through a phase of only wanting to sleep if I held you. Thankfully, that seems to be ending now. You have a stuffed black and white cow that Sawyer calls Moo Moo and you LOVE it. You love taking baths with your brother. You kick and kick your feet and just smile. You started "talking," and I forgot how much I love those little baby sounds. Around this time you decided that being in the carseat is awful if the car is not moving, so I try and time car rides for when you're ready to nap.

You're four months old now and I can't believe it is going so fast.

I continually find myself comparing you to your brother and you are just so different. Sawyer wanted to nurse all the time. You are content to nurse every 3-4 hours and won't nurse if you're not hungry. You go to bed around 8:30 and sleep until 2 or 3. That amazes me because your brother didn't do that until he was about 2! The only problem is that from 3 or 4 until 7, you just want me to hold you. So we have to work on that.

You are still such a happy, laid back baby. You smile all the time. You laughed for the first time a few weeks ago and now I'm trying like crazy to get you to do it even more! You are super ticklish, you love baths and music, you have found your hands and they are constantly in your mouth, and you are so close to rolling over. You are so much more chunky than your brother. I was so excited that you could wear all of his old things, but you are already in 6 month clothing! Sawyer was only in 0-3 at your age.

The past few months have been very hard. Sawyer is having a hard time adjusting, which is to be expected. I feel like there is always someone who needs me and someone who isn't getting the attention they need. It's a hard balance and I don't always get it right. But man oh man, are you worth it. You are such a sweet, amazing little boy and we are so lucky that you are ours!

We love you, Maddox!

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