Sunday, April 6, 2014

Food Aversions & My First Trimester Must Haves

Food aversions. I had read about them, I had heard other moms talk about them...But you don't really understand them until you're standing in the middle of the grocery store ready to cry because you're hungry but all the food makes you want to throw up.
It's not that things just don't sound good. It's the fact that the sight, smell, and even the thought of that particular thing is enough to send you running for the nearest bathroom. Through Week 6 I hadn't had any pregnancy symptoms. Then Week 7 came in and I suddenly decided that food was my worst enemy. Combine that with the fact that I was nauseous if I didn't eat every hour and you have an awesome win-win situation.
We will be 11 weeks tomorrow and while the food aversions and nausea are still present, they are slowly starting to get better. I am counting down until we hit that second trimester and *hopefully* it all goes away.
Meanwhile, here's a list of a few of my first trimester must haves.
1. Ice Water: If I drink it first thing in the morning, it helps keep the nausea at bay. Also around Week 8, I developed this lovely metallic taste in my mouth every time I drank anything that wasn't water-- so ice water is at the top of my list.
2. Chap Stick: My lips have been so dry and chapped this entire pregnancy. Chap stick helps a bit.
3. Apple Slices: Apples have been one of the two foods that I have been able to eat with no problems. I'm hoping it continues!
4. Panera Mac & Cheese: This is my other go-to food that hasn't failed me yet. It has to be Panera though, or I can't eat it.
5. Rainbow Light Pre-Natal Vitamins: I tried a few different types of vitamins before I found this one. The previous ones all made me sick. These are all-natural, plant based, and vegan and they are super gentle on the stomach.
6. Dill Pickles: It's a cliche, but it's true. I don't know what it is about dill pickles, but they calm my stomach!
7. Preggie Pop Drops: I was previously using peppermints to help combat the nausea, but all the sugar made me feel terrible. A friend recommended these and they are amazing! They're made with natural herbs & oils, they're sour and taste good, and they work! I found mine at our local Motherhood Maternity store.
So those are the big things helping me get through these first rough weeks. What about you guys? What helped you get through your first trimester?

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