Tuesday, July 29, 2014

27 Weeks!

Baby Crossen is 27 weeks! Only one more week to go and we will be in the third trimester. I thought I was making pretty decent progress on everything I have to get done, but then I made a list and now I feel like I'll never get everything finished! Fingers crossed this babe doesn't come too early.
We had a 3D ultrasound over the weekend and little man has grown soo much since our last one. He kept his arm above his head the entire time and wouldn't move it. He was breech during the appointment, but at this stage that's totally normal. At one point, he had his feet up by his head- Maybe he'll be a dancer! She also said that it looks like he has hair!

How far along? 27 weeks, 1 day.
Total weight gain/loss: Oh dear. So before I was pregnant I weighed 146. I lost about 3-4 lbs during the first trimester. Then I got back up to 152 by week 20. I had a check up last week (week 26) and I weighed in at 163. So not counting what I lost, I've gained about 17 lbs.
Stretch marks? Still itchy. And the good old linea nigra is starting to show up. It's very faint, but it's there.
Sleep: Sleep has been ok this week as far as back pain goes. However, little man has decided that he really likes stretching and dancing around 5am, and that wakes me up.
Best moment this week: Getting to see baby boy! My birthday was Saturday, so I got to have 3D ultrasounds done at Baby Belly Spa (Thank you, mom!).
Miss Anything? Being comfortable! It's really hard to breathe and the rib pain is ridiculous.
Food cravings: Chewy Sprees!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken. And everything gives me crazy heartburn.
Have you started to show yet: This belly is out of control!
Gender: Boy!
Aches & Pains: So much rib pain! It's awful. It feels like I have a stitch in my side 24/7.
Belly Button in or out? In, but barely!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Zero patience. It's going to get me into trouble. Every time I walk up Rose Street on my lunch break, I have to pass this group of nurses who are gathered on the corner smoking. It takes all I have not to grab their cigarettes and stomp on them.
Weekly Wisdom: Make lists. I had no idea how much stuff I have left to do until I wrote it all down.
Looking forward to: Crossing things off my to-do list! And our baby shower is in 3 weeks!

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