Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 months!

Sawyer turned 5 months old yesterday!

This past month has been full of all kinds of things for our little man. When we took him in for his 4 month checkup and vaccines, we learned that he had fallen off his growth curve and didn't weigh as much as he should. That was a little heartbreaking because we are trying so hard to make breastfeeding work. We had to go back to giving him a bottle of pumped milk or formula (which we all hate) after every nursing session. Giving him more pumped bottles means that when he wakes up at night, I nurse him, put him to sleep, and then pump. By the time I'm finished I get about 45 minutes of sleep before he's up again. Exhausting, but worth it. When we took him back to his follow up appointment, he had gained some weight, so for now he's where he needs to be.

We've had a few firsts for little man this past month. He had his first long car ride to a dance competition in Indianapolis. It was awful. He definitely does not like the car unless he's asleep. He screamed the whole way to Cincinnati and it took us 2.5 hours to get there. I had to lean over the carseat and nurse him so he would stop screaming, which was a bit ridiculous, but whatever works! Thankfully he slept the whole way home!

He's also started rolling over in the past few weeks. I've been told that most babies roll from their belly to their back first, but Sawyer rolls from his back to belly. I had him on his play mat in the living room and went out of the room for a second. When I came back, he was on his belly! He still hates tummy time if we put him on his belly, but if he rolls over on his own terms he doesn't seem to mind it as much. Now he just needs to figure out how to roll the other way!

We took Sawyer to the allergist last Thursday and they did the scratch test to see what he's allergic to. Turns out that this kiddo isn't allergic to anything. He may have a lactose intolerance, but there's no way to tell until he's older. It's a little frustrating that I have been on this crazy elimination diet for nothing, but at least I can start adding things back in.

We had some excitement last Friday when I looked in Sawyer's mouth and saw that he is getting his first tooth! That explains the fussiness and the no sleep! I'll be so glad when it comes through so this little man can get some relief!

I think the best/worst part of the past month is finally getting Sawyer's lip and tongue tie diagnosed. Everyone knows that he has always had a hard time nursing and that he had all these awful belly problems and reflux. When he was born, we were told that he had a slight tie but it was nothing to worry about. As nursing got worse for us, I continually asked his doctors and the lactation specialists if he had a tie. No one ever took me seriously. Our wonderful friend and doula, Jenni, recommended Copper Creek Midwifery to us. We took him yesterday for another opinion and she diagnosed him fairly quickly. It's a possibility that all his problems were not lactose related at all, but rather caused by the tongue and lip tie. Unfortunately, since he is older, we have to take him to Dayton next week to see a specialist who will use a laser to correct it. Hopefully then we will make bigger strides with nursing! While I'm super happy to have answers, I'm incredibly frustrated that so many doctors and nurses missed this diagnosis and brushed off my questions. I've definitely learned to go with my gut and not take no for an answer if I'm not satisfied!

This past month has definitely been a blur. Sawyer is growing and changing every day. He is so expressive and doesn't hesitate to give you a smile or laugh if he is happy! He loves when we sing the ABC song to him, he loves chewing everything, being naked, looking in the mirror, and when we make funny faces at him. He loves to talk and will jabber back and forth with me all the time. He is soooo ticklish, especially his back and ribs. He will give you a huge belly laugh and let out the best squeals when you tickle him. He loves to touch our faces and will grab our cheeks to pull us closer to him. He loves when we sing to him, especially "Finale B" from RENT. He instantly calms down whenever we sing it to him. Also, though I'm not proud to admit it, during a particularly awful meltdown in the car, we found out that he loves to watch Elmo videos on youtube. Especially the ABC rap. I don't really like the idea of him watching screens right now, but you gotta do what you gotta do! He still hates sleeping in his crib or pack and play. He doesn't like to be put down for naps, which is tiresome. But I know I'll miss it when it's gone.

Sawyer, you are the best. You are without a doubt mommy and daddy's favorite person in this world. You change and learn new things every day and it is such an amazing experience to watch. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and to get to be your mommy and daddy!!

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