Thursday, February 26, 2015

4 Months!

Little Man turned 4 months old Tuesday! He is definitely not a teeny little baby anymore.

He is doing so much more these days and it's a ton of fun to watch him make all these discoveries. He has figured out that he has hands and they are constantly in his mouth or reaching for his toys. His favorites right now are a little puppy security blanket, Sophie the giraffe, and these weird balls that we found that have holes for him to stick his fingers through. He still loves things that light up and play music, and he loves looking in the mirror. He loves to be talked to and loves high-pitched, silly noises. He loves touching our faces and will grab our noses if we let him.

He is always smiling and he had his first big belly laugh a few days ago. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! We were lucky enough to get it on video and I'm really glad because we can't get him to do it again! In the past few days he's found his feet and grabs them all the time. He still hates tummy time, so he isn't rolling over yet. He tries to roll from his back to his belly, but he gets stuck on his side.

We are still struggling with allergies and I feel like we're always going to. He had his check up and shots today and she has referred us to an allergist. Our appointment is in a few weeks and I'm hopeful that we can get some answers.

Sawyer got sick for the first time a few weeks back. He had RSV, which is a really really bad cold. I felt so bad for him. He was incredibly congested, had a bad cough, and couldn't stop sneezing. It's an awful feeling when your little one is sick and there's nothing you can really do for them. He also got a crazy rash all over his belly and arms and we're still not sure what it was or what caused it.

We've been going through a bit of a sleep regression the past few weeks. We were starting to get in a pretty good groove of 5-6 hour stretches at night, but now it's awful trying to get him to sleep. Once we do, some nights he's up every two hours and others it's every 3 or so. Then there are times when he wakes up at 6am and refuses to go back to sleep. Naps are also hit or miss. If I hold him, he'll sleep for an hour or two at a time but if I put him down, he wakes right up. David has gotten him to sleep in his crib a few times, but it's never for a long period of time. I'm hoping that he outgrows this habit soon! Mama is running on empty.

Overall, Sawyer is such a happy baby. It's so easy to make him smile and he's pretty easy going. I feel like we're about to start coming up on big milestones (rolling over, teeth, foods) and I can't wait for those! I love this little man so so much and can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be his mama!

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