Thursday, April 27, 2017

Growing Baby 2- Fourteen Weeks!

We're trucking right along over here and little Twix is now fourteen weeks! Only two more weeks to go and we will know if this baby is a boy or girl! I'm starting to plan our gender reveal party and am getting pretty excited! It will also be much less stressful to only have to think about names for one sex or the other! Would love to hear everyone's vote! Boy or girl?

Everyone says that you show faster with your second and I have to agree. This belly is already popping out and I'm reaching for the stretchy pants. A lot of it may be the chili cheese dogs, though. Not gonna lie.

Things that are different this pregnancy: My face is a mess, I'm exhausted (chasing a toddler around is WORK), and the morning sickness (though it's gone, thankfully!).

Things that are the same: The tailbone pain, the food aversions, and the chili cheese dog and lemonade cravings.

I think it'll be pretty cool to see what stays the same and what ends up being different.

I got a little sad earlier this week thinking about Sawyer no longer being an only child. I'm so excited for this baby and already love it so much, but it will be so strange to have someone else besides Sawyer to center my world around. I plan on soaking up my solo Sawyer time this summer and enjoying every bit of it!

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