Monday, June 26, 2017

Growing Baby 2- 22 Weeks!

Of course this post is late. They're always late this time around. Sorry, Baby M. I promise I love you just as much as Sawyer.

We were 22 weeks last Thursday. We had our anatomy scan ultrasound last Tuesday. We already knew we were having a boy, but the anataomy ultrasound is a little more in depth than just that. They looked at his brain and heart, measured his bones, and looked at all his other organs to make sure everything looks good. The tech said that little man looks pretty perfect, which was a big relief!

I still don't feel him as much as I did Sawyer. I'm not sure if it's because I spend my days chasing a toddler around and I'm not paying attention or maybe he just likes to snooze all day. He's most active at night, right when I try to lie down to go to sleep. Finding a comfortable position in which to sleep is challenging. He hates for me to lie on either side and will kick me over and over until I move. Lying on my stomach isn't an option, which sucks because I"m usually a stomach sleeper. Lying on my back is super uncomfortable as well, so I usually end up half on my side and half on my back, propped up with pillows. Super fun.

The nesting bug hit me last week and I felt like I had to do all. the. things. Sawyer and I cleaned out the garage and I went through 8 totes of his baby clothes and purged half of them. I cleaned out closets, deep cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen, and started on Sawyer's room. Poor David spent his weekend building furniture and lugging around heavy things for me. I'm pretty sure that he was glad to go back to work today! There is still so much to do, but I have to remind myself to take it easy and that I can't do it all at once.

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