Tuesday, October 14, 2014

38 Weeks!

Baby Crossen is 38 weeks this week! We are in the home stretch! As much as I've enjoyed being pregnant, I am so ready to be finished and meet my little boy! After spending 3/4 of a year pregnant, I can't imagine how it will feel when I'm not anymore. I'm sure there are things I'll miss (not gonna lie, the special treatment has been nice!), but I'm ready to have my body back to some semblance of normal.
I've been fairly lucky throughout this pregnancy. The food aversions were awful, but I didn't have morning sickness. I passed my glucose test and I haven't had high blood pressure. I think I've had it pretty easy. However, this past week has been the worst. My whole body hurts and aches, being comfortable is a thing of the past, I can't breathe, the baby keeps his feet lodged in my ribs, I get heartburn from drinking water, my feet get swollen after being on them for a short amount of time, and I haven't slept in days. As bad as all that is though, I am so lucky that little man and I are healthy. Every bout of heartburn and every punch in the ribs will be worth it when I have him in my arms! I haven't even met him yet and I know that I am so so lucky that I was picked to be his mama!
I think the hardest part now is the waiting. We still have two weeks to go but he could show up anytime between now and then. I hate not knowing! I also hate not knowing if all the aches and pains are the real deal or not! These Braxton Hicks contractions are no joke! I can only imagine how bad the real ones will be.

How far along? 38 weeks, 1 day.
Total weight gain/loss: Still right at 30lbs.
Sleep: None at all. I'm lucky because I can try and get a nap during the day, but for the most part I'm running on zero.
Best moment this week: Finally being able to say that the nursery and the baby's bathroom are completely finished!
Miss Anything? Same as before-sleep and being comfortable.
Food cravings: I want a sunny side up egg with a runny yolk and toast to dip in it so bad! Boo for salmonella.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been pretty nauseous for the past week. I think it's mostly from the lack of sleep.
Belly Button: Belly button is completely gone! It's so weird!
Worst moment this week: Last night. A combination of being sore from dance, the rain (which causes my hips and knees to ache like crazy), and tons of contractions made it impossible to get comfortable or fall asleep. This led to me being propped up on about 10 pillows on the couch with a heating pad and Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.
Labor Signs: Still 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Braxton-Hicks. Just waiting for this baby to decide to drop!
Aches & Pains: All of them, all the time.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I'm about to take them off because my fingers are swollen.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly cranky and tired. And I'm starting to snap at strangers at Kroger for being in my way. :(
Weekly Wisdom: Surround yourself with positivity! There is no need to listen to people tell you horror stories, or tell you that you're crazy for doing things a certain way, or question why you bought this or that. Just ignore them!
Looking forward to: Meeting our little man!

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