Monday, December 29, 2014

2 Months!

Sawyer turned two months old on Christmas Eve! I know I say this every blog post, but where is the time going? Where did my teeny little newborn go?

Sawyer has grown so much in these past few weeks. He's started having these little conversations with us and they are hilarious. We'll mimic the sounds he makes and that makes him even louder and more animated. It's so easy to make him smile and I'm convinced I've never seen anything that is nearly as cute as his grin.
He still loves bath time and he also loves looking at lights. We weren't planning on putting up a Christmas tree this year, but I'm so glad we did because he loves looking at it. He also loves patty cake, music, and peek a boo.

He's starting to hold his head up on his own for longer periods of time. He is starting to figure out that his hands are his and he smacks at toys if you hold them in front of his face. He looks for me when I come into the room if he hears my voice. He is a ways away from rolling over, but he has been trying like crazy! Sometimes he gets over on his side, but then he gets stuck. He's also starting to get ticklish. If you run your fingers up and down his sides and his belly, he smiles and tries to laugh.

He had his two month shots a week ago. They were the worst. He ran a fever and threw up, which broke my heart. I hated that he didn't feel good and there wasn't anything I could do for him. I know that they're for his own good, but still!

We had big ideas for his first Christmas, but David got diagnosed with the flu on Christmas Eve. David was in quarantine for 5 days and I was pretty much on my own with little man. My mom came over to help some, which was amazing, but for the most part it was just me and the baby. It was pretty hard. I was terrified that he would get the flu too. Thankfully, I think it's passed and we're in the clear. We didn't do any celebrating this year. We still have our tree up and plan on taking a family Christmas photo, it just may be sometime in the new year before it happens!

The past 2 weeks Sawyer has gotten really attached to me. I can't put him down for more than a few minutes without him crying. He doesn't like to sleep unless I'm holding him either. I know that I need to enjoy it, and I do, but it gets tiring fast. He's also been going through a growth spurt, so he wants to nurse around the clock. That makes things even more stressful. But we're getting through it!

Sawyer's Christmas gifts from his Mamaw Penny are his favorites. He got a little radio that lights up and plays music, and a play mat with a piano that he can kick. He loves both of them. He will stare at the lights and he gets so excited about the music that he kicks his feet, squirms like crazy, and tries his hardest to laugh. I really think he'll start laughing any day now.

Even though our first Christmas as a family was not what we imagined, I still have much to be thankful for. My little boy is healthy, happy, and growing like crazy!

Here are the only photos I got of him in his Christmas outfit. They aren't the best, but it's all we were able to get!

 photo casa-sig_zps65cf4dc9.jpg

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