Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 Months!!

Sawyer is 3 months old today! I can't even deal with it. He is growing so much and changing every day. I really do understand why people say to cherish every second when they're little, because I feel like he's going to be all grown up before I know it.

In the past month we've made some headway with his allergies. I tried fish last week and he didn't seem to have any reaction to it. I'll try it again in a few days just to be sure. I accidentally had something with rice starch in it though and he had a pretty bad reaction. I really thought that rice would be the safest bet, but I was definitely wrong! I felt awful because his belly was upset for a few days, but it seems to have gotten out of his system now and he's back to normal. We meet with his pediatrician this week and we'll see how she wants us to proceed with the rest of the foods. We've learned that about 90% of babies with a milk-protein allergy have a soy allergy and about 75% who have a rice allergy have a gluten allergy. Fingers crossed that he doesn't have those in addition to the milk and rice allergies.

He sleeps like a champ at night in his rock and play. It's becoming more and more common for him to sleep for a 5.5-6 hour stretch, wake up to eat, and then sleep again for an hour or so. On the nights he doesn't do that, he'll wake up about every 3-3.5 hours. Sleep during the day is another story, though. He's hit or miss with taking naps. Sometimes he'll have a great 1-2 hour nap and other days he'll catnap for 10-20 minutes. The problem is that he will only sleep if he's on my chest or if I take him for a ride in the car. As much as I love holding him, it would be really nice to put him down for a bit throughout the day so I could get things done.

He's still very attached to me and doesn't really like to be held by anyone else. He'll let David and my mom hold him and entertain him for a bit, but then he wants me. I think most of it is because he's around me all day, every day.

We're still struggling with feedings. I worry that my supply is going down but there's really no way to tell. The herbs that help milk supply hurt his belly, so I can't take those. He's eating almost every hour or so during the day, which is exhausting and leaves no time for pumping. In turn, that means that when I leave for dance I have no milk to leave him so he either has to take formula (which he rarely will do) or David has to bring him to me so I can feed him. Neither situation is ideal. I'm hopeful that all of this will work itself out, but there's a part of me that can't help but worry.

Aside from those things though, the last month has been great. He is so much more aware of his surroundings and wants to be held facing out so that he can look at everything. He loves lying on his piano mat because he can kick and listen to the music and reach for the toys that hang down. He likes to lie in his crib and watch the fish aquarium. He loves when we make silly noises and he loves "talking" back. He also loves when we make fish faces at him and loves the sound we make when we roll our tongues at him. He loves chewing on his Sophie giraffe and looking at the pages in his board books. He can hold his head up for longer periods of time and he grabs and tries to hold on to his toys. He's incredibly ticklish on his ribs and knees. It's so mean, but I can't help but tickle him because he smiles and laughs when I do it!

Sawyer Penn- It is so much fun to watch you learn and discover new things. I really think that besides the snuggles, it's the best part of being your mommy. These past 3 months have been a whirlwind of the best possible kind. You have taught me what it's like to love someone unconditionally and with my whole heart. You've made me love your daddy even more simply because he loves you so much. I live to see you smile and the best thing in the world is watching you sleep in my arms. I know I can't stop you from growing so fast, but I hope you know that no matter how big you get, these arms are always here to hold you. Mommy loves you, Little Man!

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