Friday, February 12, 2016

15-16 Months!

Sawyer is almost 16 months old and the past few months have been so much fun.

He is all over the place- running, walking, dancing. He doesn't really climb much, but I'm sure that's not far off. This has probably been one of my favorite ages so far. He's learning new things so much faster than he used to. I feel like he's picking up new words every day. Feel free to skip, but I want to list these out so I don't forget them.

Current Words:

mama, dada, cat, dog, fish, meow, woof, quack, no, yes, cup, poop, truck, switch (which he says when he wants to switch sides while nursing), bubble, cookie, please, shoes, that, hat, apple, nana (banana), roar, vroom, beep, tap, trash, and cheese.

He knows where his hair, eyes, nose, toes, belly, ears, and mouth are. He can make the signs for milk, drink, and more. He knows what sounds the dog, cat, monkey, duck, chicken, and dinosaur make. He will flap his "wings" like a chicken, which is hilarious.

I bought him his first pair of ballet shoes. They are so stinking cute. If I ask him to dance, he will either tap his toes, twirl around, or shake his booty. I love bringing him to the studio with me because he's started imitating all of the other dancers. I hope he ends up loving dance as much as I do!

Some of his favorite things at the moment are his Chuck trucks, watercolor paints and crayons, bubbles, music (he's still obsessed with David's guitar), and those tiny disposable paper cups that you use for brushing your teeth. Kiddo is obsessed with those cups! It's the weirdest thing. He also loves helping- He likes to turn the lights off for me, shut doors, throw things in the trash, feed the cats, and put things away.

He is still an awful sleeper. Will there ever be a time when he isn't?? He is now letting me actually put him in his crib for naps (most of the time). After 14 months of holding him for every single nap, it feels pretty amazing! His schedule is crazy right now. I thought he was trying to drop one of his naps, but now it's like he's changed his mind. He still wakes up anywhere from 3-8 times a night. He'll get it eventually. I hope.

He is still nursing and I am so proud of the fact that we have made it this long! I look back on those days before his tongue and lip tie revision and I have no idea how we stuck it out like we did. I'm so so grateful we found someone to finally diagnose and treat him!

He is still a great eater. Some of his favorites at the moment are: fish, curry, bananas, guacamole, broccoli, and parmesan cheese. I made the mistake of giving him a Girl Scout cookie the other day and now he points to the pantry all the time and says, "Cookie, pwease." So hard to say no to that!

He has a temper, for sure. He has started hitting, which I know is a phase they all go through. I still don't like it though. He will also throw himself back on the floor if he gets mad. It's so hard to keep a straight face when I tell him no because he looks ridiculous.

I have no idea how I got lucky enough to be the mama to this sweet, funny, smart, beautiful, wild little man! You are everything, Sawyer Penn, and mama loves you so!

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